As children, we look forward to the holidays, whether it’s New Year’s, birthdays or Christmas. always want fun and good mood.

However, perhaps the most favorite holiday is a birthday. It’s so great to wake up in the morning and accept congratulations from mom and dad,

and in the evening blow out the candles, get a lot of gifts, dance and go to bed tired but happy.

However, with age, a birthday is slowly becoming less loved and desired as in childhood.

And there are two reasons for this. First, we do not get younger with age. Moreover, every next birthday reminds us that we have aged another year.

Secondly, the birthday is no longer the same as in childhood. No one will bake a cake for us, set the table or wash the dishes after the feast.

The heroine of our story is a young girl named Anna, who celebrated her birthday the same way every year.

In the morning, she had to have time to buy groceries, spin around in the kitchen at the stove all day, then, already tired,

run to the hairdresser’s and meet the guests back home. The scenario was repeated from year to year and Anna stopped enjoying her birthday.

Once, before the next birthday, her friends began to hint about a delicious pie and the upcoming holiday,

but this time Anna plucked up courage and said that she would not celebrate her birthday.

But her friends did not like such a statement and they decided to come to visit so that the birthday girl would not be bored at home alone.

Then Anna came up with a new idea. She decided to celebrate her birthday in a cafe, and for everyone to pay for themselves.

She suggested that her friends not buy her gifts, but instead sit in a cafe and have a great time together.

To the surprise of the girls, almost all refused, no one wanted to spend money in a cafe. Only two of her closest friends accepted the offer.

Although Anna asked not to give any gifts, the girls gave her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a delicious cake.

It was the best birthday in her life. Anna finally had fun and came home in a great mood. In addition, the girl realized who her real friends are.

How often do we follow stereotypes rather than our own desires. So Anna for so many years did what society wanted from her, and not what she herself wants.


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