Dog Comforts An Orphaned, 9-day-old Foal After His Mother’s Death

Dogs are known for their caring and compassionate nature. They possess strong protective instincts and often come to the aid of animals in need. One such example is a rescue dog who became a guardian and best friend to an orphaned foal.

Karla Swindle is the proprietor of S & K Quarter Horses in Fayette, Alabama. A few years ago, her 22-year-old mare named Sandy had to be put down due to declining health.


At just 9 days old, Tye, the orphaned foal, was left devastated by the loss of his mother, Sandy. However, Tye found an unlikely companion in Karla Swindle’s dog, Zip, who quickly became the foal’s guardian and best friend.
According to Karla, Zip showed remarkable compassion and stayed by Tye’s side in the barn alley all night, laying down beside him and offering a comforting paw as the foal grieved.

According to Karla, Zip was lying beside Tye, whining and crying, as if he understood the foal’s sorrow. Although Tye lost his mother that night, he gained a new companion and protector in Zip. Karla believes that the dog has taken on a parental role and is reassuring Tye that he is not alone. Dogs are known for their emotional intelligence and seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to sensing death. Zip’s behavior indicates that he was aware of the situation and extended his helping paw to the grieving foal.

Karla shared that Zip had always been curious about the foals they raised every year, but on the night that Tye lost his mother, the dog seemed to have understood that something was amiss. This was evident from the way he comforted the foal by licking and nudging him, behaviors that Karla had never seen from him before. Zip’s bond with Tye continued to grow stronger each passing day, and he eagerly awaited Karla’s arrival at the barn every morning to see his little friend. In fact, Karla said that Zip would always beat her to the barn and stand in front of Tye’s stall, waiting for her to arrive.

Karla recounted that Zip would rush towards the foal once she opened the door, and even lay his head on him if Tye was lying down. Thanks to the affection and support provided by Zip, Tye has blossomed into a contented and fit horse. Although Tye now spends most of his time with his horse companions, he has had to gradually become less reliant on his furry friend.

Karla mentioned that it was clear that Zip was there for Tye whenever he needed him, but now that Tye is doing well, they have gone their separate ways. However, their friendship is one that will always be cherished. This heartwarming story reminds us of the beauty of unlikely friendships between animals. It’s touching to see dogs providing comfort and love to animals in need, and we can’t help but feel grateful for the compassion that animals show towards each other.

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