After her mother’s untimely death, Larry Birkhead—who is well-known for his previous relationship with the late actress Anna Nicole Smith—has been raising their daughter Dannielynn Birkhead in a quiet village away from the spotlight.

They have experienced both heartbreak and resiliency on their journey together. Larry Birkhead has experienced many hardships as a single father, ranging from the concealment of their early relationship to the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith and her son, Daniel, from drug overdoses.

Nevertheless, he has persisted, putting his daughter’s welfare first.

Throughout it all, Birkhead has made an effort to leave Dannielynn with enduring memories, like their yearly ritual of going to the Kentucky Derby together.

Fans praised Dannielynn for her grace and similarity to Anna Nicole Smith when she honored her late mother this year by donning some of her jewels.

Under her father’s direction, Dannielynn has developed into a self-assured young woman under the burden of her mother’s history.

Her identity has been greatly shaped by Larry Birkhead’s love and support, and the two of them continue to commemorate Anna Nicole Smith’s memory while pursuing their own careers.

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