Twins who are identical Briana and Brittany Salyers, 35, married identical twins Josh and Jeremy Salyers, 37, and are now welcoming their offspring into the world. They are so genetically close that the cousins are more like brothers.

“You’ve heard the terms Irish twins, identical twins, and fraternal twins,” Briana Salyers explained. “However, we have quaternary twins.”


Jett, who turned one in January, and Jax, who will turn one in April, are the Salyers’ children, and the cousins share more than just their first initial. Because of their unusual circumstances, they are genetic brothers.

“They were born fewer than nine months apart to identical twin parents,” Brittany Salyers stated. “Twins who marry twins and have infants at the same time.”

Because identical twins share the same DNA, the children of two sets of identical twins are legally cousins but genetically more comparable to siblings.

The sisters revealed that they had considered the prospect of having quaternary twins.

“We were hoping for overlapping pregnancies so that this could happen. We felt that would be fantastic, “Briana stated. “There have only been 300 known quaternary weddings in the history of the world.”


The couple, who have a joint Instagram account, shared the fascinating scientific fact alongside a photo of the little boys’ side by side.

“Jett and Jax: Cousins, Genetic Brothers, and Quaternary Twins!” said the caption.

The couple married in a joint ceremony at the 2018 Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. Brittany and Briana met Joshua and Jeremy the year before at the Twins Days Festival, and their fairy tale nuptials were filmed for TLC.

Both families live in Virginia under the same roof and co-own a wedding venue.

“It was something we all four desired, and when we got engaged, we all wanted it that way,” Brittany said of her unusual living situation. “It’s a very nice thing to say. (Josh and Jeremy) comprehend the twin relationship in the same way that we do. We get to spend a lot of time together.”

Sharing their intriguing story online has not been without criticism for the families.

“We try to ignore the psychopathic stalker comments and focus on the positive,” Brittany explained. “Some people think we’re strange, while others think it’s fantastic. We’ve received a lot of encouragement and attention, and we’re grateful.”

The spouses are indecisive about future children.


“We are debating if we should go for one more pregnancy each,” Briana said. “We will make a decision shortly. The babies are still pretty young (and) we are trying to wait a little longer to see what to do.”

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