Coconut the horse was born in Melbourne, Florida and Scott and Jackie Nelson couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw her. At just two days old, they knew they had to capture her beauty to share with the world. Little did they know that Coconut’s unique markings would captivate the hearts of over 3 million people.

The Nelsons, who run a horse ranch called Down Under Colour, decided to film Coconut outside for the first time when she was just two years old. They were amazed to discover that Coconut’s markings are extremely rare, earning her the title of a War Horse. In Native American culture, these horses were considered sacred and were ridden by esteemed leaders such as the chief or the medicine man.

To be considered a War Horse, Coconut had to possess specific characteristics. She had a shield-like marking on her chest and one mesmerizing blue eye, adorned with a dark liner. According to Indian mythology, this type of eye is known as a Sky Eye. If the Chief or Medicine Man were to fall in battle, their spirit would be carried to the Gods through this unique blue eye. It is because of Coconut’s possession of this special eye that she is considered truly exceptional.

Witness Coconut’s beauty and grace in action by watching the video below.

If you, too, were amazed by the beauty of this rare foal, please share her story and spread the wonder!

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