The feline group are as majestic as numerous, and that’s why it is nearly impossible to say that one is more beautiful than another. However, they all have their very own particularity, and the rarest they are the most fascinating they get. Such a magnificent creature is the Canadian Lynx – one of the most adorable big cats on Earth!


Amazing Big Cats From The World


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Amazing Big Cats From The World

Just like most of their cousins, the Canadian lynx is extremely fluffy. Yet, unlikely the domesticated cats – for instance – they are lethal predators. Their long legs incredible eyesight and hearing make them some extremely skilful hunters. Yet, they are not as agile as might think – even though they have very long legs (comparing to their bodies), but they are great tacticians.


As its name says, the Canadian lynx is native to Canada and Alaska. They also posses a great particularity – some very big paws – unlikely bobcats, for example. Although they live in the far north, where the temperatures are far below zero most part of the year, the Canadian lynx perfectly handles these tough conditions, and all because of their coat.


These magnificent creatures are also highly elusive, so spotting them in the wild is really a challenge!


“Regardless how hard I’ve tried, I haven’t been fortunate enough to encounter a lynx in the wild yet,” wildlife photographer Tracy Munson told Bored Panda. Nevertheless, Munson managed to grab some great snaps of a Canadian Lynx.


“She [the lynx she caught on camera] was a permanent resident of a Wildlife Rehab Centre in Ontario,” the photographer said. “Photographing her was pretty much like photographing a really large and angry housecat.”Ezoic

“In the wild, lynx are quite shy and secretive, so you would be very lucky to see one,” wildlife photographer Tracy Munson said.


Because they are so secretive and very elusive(they usually go for their pray during the night), the Canadian Lynx is also known as the “the grey ghost of the North.”

Although, the species was listed as endangered for many years, the conservation programs helped them to re-thrive lately, so nowadays these beautiful wild cats are no longer listed as an endangered species.

Watch two wild lynx having a pretty intense conversation in Ontario, Canada!

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