Science often validates what we all know to be true, but sometimes it gives us a new fact that can be mind-boggling. Recently, a few scientific studies proved that a 43-year-old model might have what is considered the ‘perfect body.’

But what people were not expecting was how she looked… keep reading to know more about her!

For a long time, we have been led to believe that the perfect figure is a woman who is model-like in her figure, which basically means someone very thin. But get ready to have this perception changed forever.

Beauty standards are always evolving. While at one point Marilyn Monroe’s curvy figure was considered the epitome of beauty, later it became Kate Moss’ incredibly thin figure. For a long time, women who have the perfect hourglass shape and measurements have been considered beautiful.

But now, this belief is being challenged by a study done at Texas University. The study has found that the ideal female body is ‘fuller’ with a ‘curvier shape.’ The study found that the perfect BMI is of 18.85 with a 93 cm bust, a 61 cm waist, and 87 cm hips. The study also found that the hip-to-waist ratio is very important and should be about .65–.75.

A British model named Kelly Brook fits all these measurements quite perfectly. While after looking at her, society may deem her shape to be ‘plump’ according to beauty standards set today, according to science, she has the shape which is most desirable to men.

But when it comes down to it, beauty is subjective. Not everyone has the same taste, and it varies from person to person and what their idea of beauty is.

While this scientific study might show us what, according to science, is the perfect body, it does not mean that everything else is not acceptable or deemed ugly. The study merely shows us that what we perceive as beautiful, a thin woman is not what science considers the only way to be beautiful. In this day and age, where there is an emphasis on diversity in beauty, it is important to recognize that this study shows us exactly that, that there is diversity in what we consider beautiful.

Women considered plus-size by the modeling industry standards are just as beautiful as any other model. Models like Ashley Graham have been showing us this is true for years!

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