New talents are always discovered during famous competitions. Sometimes you can look at the young children standing on the stage and wonder how they can sing and if that powerful voice is just his or is this really a joke? During the Got Talent competition, a beautiful girl performed and amazed the jury with her powerful voice. He is only 12 years old and has such a powerful voice. The jury was simply amazed.

Britain's Got Talent 2016 S10E01 Beau Dermott Absolutely Brilliant 12 Year Old Singing Prodigy Full - YouTube

When the girl went on stage, the jury started laughing after hearing what song the girl was going to perform. The girl got excited for a moment, but gathered herself and started singing. The girlโ€™s name was Bon and she chose to perform the song โ€œDefying Gravityโ€. The jury laughed because that song was quite difficult and they didnโ€™t expect the girl to sing that song. The girl sang and made the audience stand up. Zhui was delighted. Such a small girl and such a powerful voice. Letโ€™s enjoy his wonderful performance together.


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