Terri, Steve’s spouse, and their two young offspring, Bindi, who was eight years old, and Robert, who was two at the time of his death, both lived on.

The family is obviously upset by their father’s departure, but they have tried their hardest to remember their beloved father. They still own and operate Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia, and Robert and Bindi are both actively committed in raising awareness of animal suffering worldwide.

In the era of social media, it is easy to keep track of the Irwins’ activities, but even while it seems like everything is going well for them—Bindi recently gave birth to her own child, for instance—it appears that there has been some unpleasantness going on for a time.

Bindi, 24, has reportedly struggled with health issues for a minimum of ten years.

The TV personality and naturalist revealed on Instagram that she underwent surgery for endometriosis. She went on to say that she had been in pain for a long time, even though earlier doctors had dismissed her symptoms.

Bindi penned: “Hey Friends, I struggled for a long time, debating whether or not to tell you about this experience in such a public setting. It all came down to my sense of duty to tell my tale in order to assist other ladies in need.

For a decade, I have battled unbearable exhaustion, discomfort, and nausea. It has taken a lot of effort to try to mask the suffering and maintain a good outlook. Over the past ten years, there have been several examinations, doctor visits, scans, etc.

“I gave up completely, attempting to function through the pain,” a doctor said to me, adding that it was just something that women had to cope with. I was unable to find answers until my friend @lesliemosier put me on the right track to getting my life back.

In the end, Bindi decided to get surgery to control the discomfort and permanently address the underlying issue.

“I knew I couldn’t live like I was, but going in for surgery was scary,” she continued.

“The pain was tearing apart every aspect of my life.” In summary, 37 lesions were discovered, including a chocolate cyst and some that were deeply embedded and challenging to remove. When I was recovering, @seckinmd asked me, “How did you live with this much pain?” as one of his first words to me. An ineffable sense of validation for years of suffering. Thank you to my family and friends for supporting me for the past ten plus years of my journey and for always believing in me when I felt like I would never get out. I am grateful to the physicians and nurses who acknowledged my suffering. I’m making progress toward healing, and I’m incredibly grateful. To people who were wondering why I hadn’t responded to messages, hadn’t cancelled arrangements, or hadn’t been there, I had been giving our daughter and family my all.

We can only hope that Bindi’s recuperation goes quickly and that she is able to carry on with her amazing work without any discomfort in the future.

Come and help us wish Bindi well!

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