Social media is abuzz with complaints about the sky-high cost of a solo meal at Five Guys. The chain has positioned itself as one of the pricier options for enjoying a burger while on the move. Despite Five Guys marketing itself as a premium eatery, boasting a higher initial price point, customers are growing increasingly frustrated with the escalating prices.

Recently, a customer took to social media to share a receipt totaling $24.10 for just one person, featuring a bacon cheeseburger priced at $12.49, a regular soda for $2.89, and a side of fries for $5.19.

Despite the inclusion of extra toppings and the use of fresh ingredients, dissatisfaction with the prices lingers. While some defend the pricing, highlighting the quality of ingredients, others express disappointment, noting that fast food has become a luxury.

Nonetheless, as prices soar across the fast-food landscape, Five Guys remains firm in its premium identity, even amid criticism for its rising prices.

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