The woman took to TikTok to speak out about her experience of applying for a TJ Maxx job

A woman who didn’t get a job at TJ Maxx confronted the manager who didn’t hire her.

Ash Putnam applied for a position at the popular retail store recently, but she was unsuccessful and wanted an explanation.

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She took to TikTok to share her experience, explaining: “So, I applied for a job at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago and they denied my application.

“They couldn’t even call me, they just sent me some automated email so I went in today and was like ‘So, what was the reason I didn’t get hired?’”

The woman she spoke to told her that she doesn’t ‘have enough experience’, and that there were other applicants who had more.

Ash thinks it was because of her tattoos. She has many visible tattoos, including on her neck, face, and arms – something which some employers aren’t too keen on in customer-facing roles.

Ash Putnam recently applied for a job at TJ Maxx. (Instagram/@ashxobrien)



Ash Putnam recently applied for a job at TJ Maxx. (Instagram/@ashxobrien)

She went on: “I asked her if it was about my tattoos, obviously ’cause I know a lot of places don’t like tattoos.

“She said that wasn’t the reason – I don’t feel like that’s true, but whatever.”

Ash added: “I hate that my tattoos are such a defining factor for me getting a job or not. Like, just because I have tattoos doesn’t mean I’m not going to be a good worker.

“Some of the most smart and intelligent people I’ve ever met are people with tattoos and piercings.”

In the rest of the TikTok video that’s been viewed 8.5 million times, Ash expressed concerns about how teenagers and young people are able to get jobs if places like TJ Maxx are only looking for candidates with previous experience.

Ash’s now-viral clip has definitely sparked quite the debate, with people weighing in on her situation in the comments section of her TikTok video.

One person commented: “HR supervisor here. There is no way any company would put you in front of customers.”

Someone else suggested that it was Ash’s face tattoos specifically. They wrote: “I have tattoos everywhere but my face… but I can get a job anywhere.”

While a dad said: “Thank you for giving me ammo for talking to my daughter about tattoos.”

And another added: “Most times, when you flip the bird at society, society flips one right back.”

One tattoo lover noted: “I have 666 on my neck and have facial tattoos, I never apply at customer facing positions because although I know it is self expression I know it won’t always sit well with everyone.”

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