The choice of this homeless couple to live in a tent instead of a typical workplace has generated debate and condemnation from all quarters.

Relating to our perspective, being homeless isn’t wrong, the couple who have made a name for themselves by sharing photos of their existence in a tent have asserted.

Their opinions have sparked intense discussion among their 178,000 TikTok followers, with many challenging their position on living on the streets.

Hatfield, Pennsylvania, residents Leland Brown Jr. and Breanna made headlines when they declared that they preferred the word “houselessness” over “homelessness.” They outlined their justifications in a video that was posted from their tent, stressing that “houselessness is a flex” and showcasing the survival abilities they have developed in their unusual living circumstances.

A variety of reactions were triggered by their remarks; some people expressed support for their independence, while others expressed doubts about their lifestyle decisions.

Leland and Breanna started a GoFundMe page to finance their basic lifestyle throughout the argument, with the goal of becoming financially stable and spending more time with Leland Jr.’s son. Of their $10,000 target, they have only raised $162 thus far.

The couple’s exact cause of homelessness remains unknown, as there are differing accounts of their previous and current situations. Although earlier footage shows Leland living in a house and working at several places, more current remarks suggest that they are hesitant to pursue traditional jobs.

The couple says they’re “too smart for that,” therefore they’re not in a rush to hunt for work.

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