It’s great of importance to be aware of potential hazards in our hectic and fast-paced life. When it comes to keeping your car and yourself safe, you should never disregard this safety tip. Watch out if you notice a plastic bottle jammed between your automobile tire and the chassis.

A new Carjacking Method

Recently, there was a novel and effective method that thieves have created. Accordingly, potential carjackers might monitor you and your car by placing a water bottle on your tire. This method of operation was first used in Limpopo, South Africa, and it has swiftly expanded to other countries, including the US.

Unveiling the Carjacking Scheme

If you want to defend yourself, it is essential to comprehend how this carjacking technique operates. When they place one against one of your car’s wheels, carjackers use it as a signaling device. They position it on the front passenger-side wheel on purpose, so you won’t see it when you get inside your car.

When hearing the sound of the empty plastic bottle crushing, the driver is startled. Of course, you would pause to see what you might have struck. The autothief can act now, taking advantage of this opening. If you carelessly leave your keys in the ignition while the car is moving, the burglar can quickly enter and take off. Alternatively, they might seize whatever valuables you might have dropped, like cell phones or wallets, by taking advantage of your attention. When you get out of the car to look for the source of the noise, this puts you in danger.

Keeping Yourself and Your Car Safe

Remain vigilant and take precautions to shield yourself from becoming a victim of this carjacking strategy. Look at your wheels for any signs of abnormality before getting inside your car. Exercise caution if you find a water bottle wedged between your car’s tire and the frame.

Keep in mind that a possible burglar might be watching you. Remain composed and quietly press the number 911 to alert the authorities to your predicament and voice your worries for your safety. Give them your precise location as well as particulars regarding your car.

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