When Brad Paisley is not on tour or away making new music, he enjoys life as a family man with his actress wife, Kimberly Williams, and kids. The couple lives in their dream home in Williamson.

With a stable career, a lovely wife who was a longtime crush, kids, and a dream mansion in Williamson, Tennessee, Brad Paisley has always wanted it all. It is safe to say that it is wholesome to see Brad living this longtime dream, but it all started with a small step and a bag full of dreams.

Paisley was born in Glen Dale in West Virginia, and by the age of eight, he already had a vision of what he wanted out of life. Paisley loved music and dazzled his hometown people with his talents.

Following his first visit to Tennessee, the youngster became even more convinced that music was his goal. Way past his formative years and into adulthood, Paisley moved to Tennessee.

The music star once shared that he was grateful for starting in Glen Dale because Tennessee was much bigger, and the amount of talent there could make one realize they were not the best. Kickstarting his career, the “She’s Everything” crooner enrolled in Belmont University, which had proximity to recording companies.

So it became that as he earned a degree, he also pursued music. These days Paisley is past his struggling years and enjoying the rewards with Kimberly Williams, his wife of 20 years.

Paisley and Kimberly’s Love StoryAlthough this couple has been married for two decades, their love story goes as far back as the early 1990s, at least for Paisley, because he fell in love with her long before they met.

Paisley was still in his humble beginnings in 1991 when Williams caught his fancy on “Father Of The Bride.” Four years later, he experienced a bad breakup and saw “Father of The Bride II” to escape his worries.

Seeing Williams’ face again brought a ray of sunshine, and he thought she was funny and good-natured. He shared with Good Housekeeping in an interview:

“I thought, She seems like a great girl– smart and funny and all those things that are so hard to find.”

By 2002, Paisley had settled into celebrity life, becoming the ACM top male vocalist of the year. His song, “Part II,” had elements of his breakup and tales of him watching “Father Of The Bride.” This indicated that Williams was still on his mind.

That same year, his and Williams’ paths crossed, and he asked her to be in the music video of his song, “I’m Going To Miss Her.”

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