Valerie Bertinelli went on TikTok to talk about a memory that her denim outfit brought back.

She said that an ex-lover had humiliated her so severely that she could now laugh about it because of the sound her pants made when they brushed together.

But, at one point, this little element did not bring about any fun but instead brought back an unpleasant and horrific experience.

The woman talked about “hidden injuries” caused by verbal, emotional, and mental abuse. These are wounds that can’t be seen but can have long-term effects.

She said she was tired of being criticized for her situation, so she stopped wearing them to get back at people.

But, through her healing work, this individual can cope with these traumas on a daily basis and go forward.

Valerie Bertinelli hesitated to share her experience because she expected criticism from some places. Yet, she wanted to emphasize the importance of mending and moving on.

She wanted to reach out to people in a similar situation. She tried to make them feel heard and let them know they were not alone in their problems.

The Hot in Cleveland actress has recently opened up about her challenging but ultimately empowering journey to recovery after a divorce.

She stated that getting back up and facing the complex emotions involved is essential to moving forward in life.

Valerie Bertinelli posted on Instagram about her healing path following her divorce from Tom Vitale.

She also said that despite the arduous process, she felt very relieved. She uses counseling, writing, meditation, and Rolfing, among other things, to help her get better.

She informed fans that their divorce had been formalized and celebrated the “second happiest day of my life”—a day when the toxicity of their relationship was finally over.

Valerie could go forward with her life without hesitation after creating a space for closure and healing from his selfish behavior.

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