Patricia had been praying for the well-being of the sons who abandoned her and hoped to see them again. Instead, someone else shows up with an intention to turn her life around.The attendants at St. Johns Nursing Home said that Patricia’s speaking voice was too soft. But she knew that God could hear her. It had been five years since Patricia Glenn had been living at the nursing home – five years since her son dropped her off and left without saying goodbye. That feeling of the unreturned hug as she stood in the cold with open arms still hurt in her chest.Patricia was different back then.

She was angrier, more demanding of answers, and more at odds with her own fate. She couldn’t believe she had been cut off so quickly, and she dreamed of the day that her three sons would come running back to her. But that was Patricia five years ago. With time, her anger and disdain had softened to a sense of surrender. Her body was getting more fragile, and her digestion was getting weaker. But her faith and belief had grown stronger beyond bounds.Of course, there was still a pain in her eyes. But ever since she rekindled her relationship with her personal God again, her darkness turned to light. She would read day in and day out and speak to every plant and rock as if they were having a conversation. Soon, the other residents started to

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