Royal fans believe the First Lady of Nigeria has taken aim at Meghan Markle’s clothing choices during her visit to the country.

By HANISHA SETHI, News Reporter, RICHARD ASHMORE, Senior News Reporter

22:28, Sun, May 26, 2024 | UPDATED: 22:29, Sun, May 26, 2024


Prince Harry and Meghan champion Invictus Game in Nigeria


Royal fans think the First Lady of Nigeria has taken aim at Meghan Markle for her clothing choices during her three-day visit to the West African country, during her speech at an event titled “Celebrating the Woman”.

First Lady, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, spoke at an event organised to mark President Bola Tinubu’s one year in office to recognise how women have made significant contributions to all spheres of life.

She emphasised how Nigerian children are at risk of losing their identity if necessary steps are not taken. Broadcast on Arise news and shared on X, in part of her speech, she said: “We are not having a Met Gala. The nakedness is just everywhere, and the men are well-clothed. So we have to do something. Tell them we don’t accept nakedness in our culture. That is not beautiful. It’s not beautiful at all.”

She added: “They should be confident in who they are. They do not need to mimic and emulate film stars from America. They don’t know where they come from. Why did Meghan come here looking for Africa? We know who we are. Don’t lose who you are.”

Following the speech, one royal fan on X, wrote: “Meghan Markle managed to create an international incident! We warned her about the clothes.”

Meghan’s wardrobe for the visit is estimated to have cost around £120,000 ranging from a peach backless dress by Heidi Merrick to a strappy printed dress by Johanna Ortiz.

Prince Harry and Meghan had been invited to the West African country by its highest-ranking military official to showcase the causes they care most about – including the Invictus Games. After meeting the official, Christopher Musa, at the Nigerian Defence Headquarters, Meghan signed a guest book thanking officials for “welcoming me home”.

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