Breaking news : Meghan Markle make major move against the Kate Middleton ” Letting the cat out of the Bag “

Breaking news : Meghan Markle make major move against the Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle would be “happier not having to come back” to the United Kingdom after experiencing major popularity issues, according to a PR expert.

The Duchess of Sussex was last in the country in September 2022, when what was supposed to be a short visit with Prince Harry was extended following the death of the late Queen.

The Duke returned to London on Tuesday, May 7, before a special ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games but Meghan chose not to accompany him.

PR expert Renae Wąsik suggested Harry might have wanted to avoid leaving Meghan to cope with the media attention while he was busy working.

She noted Meghan’s return would have likely caused a stir because of past comments she made about her relationship with the country, potentially distracting from the Invictus celebrations.

Asked whether Harry was right to return without Meghan, she told the Daily Express: “On Harry returning without Meghan, it absolutely makes sense if he’s astronomically busy (which we are being led to believe is the case).

“Leaving her alone in a country that’s been hostile to her could stir unnecessary media distractions and conflict – distracting from his work.”

The Atticism PR founder added: “It’s probably better avoided and I’m sure she’s happier not having to come back, given her comments on England in the past.”

Sources close to the Duchess of Sussex claimed in the past that “she never felt at home” in the UK and she admitted to struggling with the demands of royal life.

During an interview with The Cut in 2022, Meghan also lamented the media attention that she and her children would have to cope with if they still lived in the UK.

The Duchess also had some negative experiences with the public as she experienced heavy booing when she joined the Royal Family at St. Paul’s Cathedral during the celebrations for the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Commentator Hilary Fordwich told the Daily Express: “When they were booed leaving St Paul’s Cathedral… she is an accomplished actress, but it was tough for her to hold a smile.

“You could see the grimace. She won’t want to put herself through that again.”

Meghan will be reunited with Prince Harry later this week as she joins him in Nigeria for a brief visit to promote the work of the Invictus Games.

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