Mike Woodhams, a beloved primary school music teacher, took the stage at Britain’s Got Talent 2024 and left everyone spellbound with his unique act. More than just a singer, Mike showcased his extraordinary talent as a music impressionist, effortlessly mimicking icons from Boyzone to Anastacia. His performance was a delightful mix of humor and musical prowess, complete with quirky props and accurate impressions.

The highlight of Mike’s audition was his sync with James Blunt’s 2004 music video for “You’re Beautiful.” While the video played silently in the background, Mike sang live, creating the illusion that Blunt was lip-syncing to his voice. This inventive performance technique not only amused the audience but also demonstrated Mike’s incredible vocal skill and creativity.

Judge Bruno Tonioli lauded Mike’s performance as “the best vocal impressions I’ve heard in a very, very long time,” complimenting both his vocal range and the surprise element of his act. Alesha Dixon was equally impressed, particularly noting his ability to handle both male and female vocal impersonations with equal finesse.

Watch the video below to experience Mike Woodhams’ unforgettable audition that combines comedy, impressions, and sheer vocal talent.


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