The Princess of Wales isn’t supposed to get back to work until it’s cleared by her clinical team, a royal residence representative said. According to Kensington Palace, Kate Middleton will not be returning to the workforce anytime soon, despite the fact that she remains the driving force behind the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood and its related business task force.

Katherine, Princess of Wales, partook in spring that she has been diagnosed with a vague type of cancer and that she is undergoing clinical treatment, including preventive chemotherapy. Her team, which highlights the significance of the early years and aims to achieve lasting cultural change by giving children a strong start in life, published a new report Tuesday calling for businesses to invest more in children’s early years through worker support, including flexible working hours for parents or help with childcare.

Though Kate has been informed on the report and stayed up to date with her foundation’s progress, the princess isn’t supposed to get back to work until it’s cleared by her clinical team, a Kensington Palace representative told the BBC. Her public work will continue to focus on Early Childhood. Kate has requested privacy and space for herself, William, and the family’s three children ever since she announced in January that she had undergone an abdominal procedure and later revealed that cancer had been discovered as a result of that surgery.

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