Meryl Streep is perhaps one of the most celebrated actresses in Hollywood. The actress has had a longstanding career and has given stellar performances throughout.

In her personal life, Streep is also a devoted mother to her children. And now her children have grown up, and her oldest daughter will make you do a double take…

Meryl Streep is an actress who keeps her personal life quite private. The actress began making a name for herself in Hollywood in the 1970s. And back then, she was devoted to someone she met in the theater. She met John Cazale when she was in her twenties.

She was only 27 when she began living with 41-year-old Cazale. He was quite legendary at the time and had famous contemporaries such as Al Pacino who had nothing but positive things to say about Cazale.

Streep met Cazale when the two of them were cast in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure and from accounts of the meeting it was love at first sight.

John Cazale and his longtime GF, Meryl Streep.

While the actress rarely comments on her personal life, about Cazale she said in a comment that he “wasn’t like anybody I’d ever met.”

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