My Wife’s Best Friend Mocked Her behind Her Back, So I Decided to Teach Her a Harsh Lesson.My wife’s closest friend invited her over for a nice meal, but that evening would show us who she truly was. She spoke some of the most horrible things about my wife that I overheard, and you won’t believe the retaliation I planned. This lady could never meddle with the people I love, I had to prove to her.My name is Jake. Meg has been my wife for more than five years, and we have a wonderful relationship. Together, we’ve experienced a lot, most notably battling infertility.

We had supper with few friends about a month ago, including Bethany, our maid of honor and Meg’s best friend. There was a good amount of laughter and catching up during the evening.I leaned over to Meg as the night wore on and whispered, “I think we should go out shortly. We must adhere to our treatment plan.” Meg smiled a little and nodded. “You’re accurate. Let’s say our farewells. We said to our friends, “Sorry to cut it short, but we have an early appointment tomorrow,” as we excused ourselves. We thought the evening had ended well when Bethany and the others cheerfully bid us farewell and we left the restaurant.

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