The golden retriever was fortunate to be with other animal lovers who ensured that nothing went wrong once she ended up on the street.

Rosie, the golden retriever, was pregnant and had a large stomach when she arrived at Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue. The sympathetic golden retriever/mix was saved just in time to receive the care she needed, which pleased the volunteers.

Before the big day, Rosie was taken into the house of dog lovers Katie and John Black.

Several “baby cows” are born to a pregnant rescue dog.


The pair has fostered more than 20 pets since they first began.

The puppies inside Rosie were something they were looking forward to seeing this time.

Several “baby cows” are born to a pregnant rescue dog.


Rosie was so large that the couple expected a sizable litter. But they weren’t prepared for what would transpire when Rosie was ready to give birth. Never before has anything like it been seen!

Rosie gave birth to four beautiful, healthy puppies, but they didn’t look anything like their mother.

Not exactly what we had hoped for. Our foster dog, a golden mix, gave birth yesterday. ” Katie penned on Reddit.

Several “baby cows” are born to a pregnant rescue dog.


You wouldn’t have predicted that the golden retriever puppies would be less golden. They resembled cows more than anything else!

The white coats of the puppies had patches of black or brown fur.

Everyone viewed the puppies as the oddest sight they had ever seen. Rosie and John, though, didn’t miss a beat.

She is a very proud mother, says Katie. ”.

Several “baby cows” are born to a pregnant rescue dog.


Given that the puppies resembled a herd of miniature cattle, Katie and John gave them traditional “cow names,” like Daisy, Betsy, Clarabelle, and Moo.

Even though they are unsure of the father’s identity, Katie and John are certain that he is not a golden retriever.

Katie and John are currently taking care of Rosie’s puppies. When the puppies are old enough, their mother and they will both be offered for adoption.

While everything is going on, Katie and John enjoy themselves immensely with the puppies.

Several “baby cows” are born to a pregnant rescue dog.


It’s not as odd as you may imagine for a dog to have puppies that look extremely different from them. And specifically, crossbred animals frequently result in distinctive mixes and colors.

According to Pets4Homes, “There is a lot more room for variation when it comes to non-pedigree dogs, mixed breeds, and deliberate crossings of two breeds or the subsequent offspring of mixed crossings—like the Labradoodle and Cockapoo—to the point that the color or other manifestations of physical appearance can be quite variable within the same litter.

The mystery is now solved.

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