After 20 years of construction, a carpenter creates an enormous ark that is so amazing that it leaves everyone in awe! 😱👏 Let’s examine this work of art and take in its mood! 🧐🫠 Check out this story for the exclusive footage! 👇👇👇



This article today is about the Noord-Holland-raised contractor. He firmly believed that it was his destiny to construct a massive ark that will aid humanity in surviving a catastrophic deluge.

One may argue that he was heavily influenced by Noah’s ark and that his creation is a copy. He studied the Bible, saw a lot of movies, and learned a lot about the original ark in order to make an accurate replica.

With the assistance of assistants, he set about designing and constructing his own Johan’s ark. Today, it’s a massive show spanning many floors that draws visitors.

It also has a restaurant and movie theater where business gatherings and even weddings can take place. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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