As any pet owner will tell you, having a pet is a truly meaningful part of their life – and they eventually become part of the family.

Despite not being humans, pets give unconditional love and joy to their owners – but they sadly do not live forever.

As a result, there’s always a chance that everyone who owns a pet will have to suffer their loss at some point. This is something that can be especially hard for younger children to experience and deal with.

And this absolutely emotional story is no different – so make sure you have something ready to dry your eyes…

In this clip, a young girl sings ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to her cat, who was tragically passing away just before Christmas.

The little girl, whose name is Abby, may only be four years old, but she has already had so many happy memories with her gorgeous cat, Bailey, who was with Abby’s family for a decade before she was even born. As a result, the two shared a very special bond.

The pair were inseparable for years, with Abby often reading and singing to Bailey.

In the heartbreaking clip, it seemed like Bailey could truly understand what Abby was singing, which marked the last time she would be serenading her best friend. Bailey’s kidney failed and she passed away with a few hours after the moment was filmed.

Once the clip was posted online, thousands of people across the globe shared, liked, and commented their praise for Abby, as well as shared words of kindness.

According to, thousands of people send gifts and cards to Abby after seeing the video, in the hopes that this would cheer her up.

Abby’s mother took the opportunity to thank everyone who send cards and heartfelt messages during their time of grieving, saying that the support the family received from total strangers made her a little more optimistic about the world, especially considering how much negativity is spread online.

This is absolutely devastating to watch, but it’s also heartwarming to see that Bailey had her final moments in such a loving home.

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