It’s truly heartbreaking to learn about the cruel treatment some animals endure at the hands of humans. A sweet dog named Clover became a victim of animal cruelty when she was covered in toxic green paint, leaving her with severe burns on her skin. However, thanks to the dedicated efforts of rescuers, Clover’s story has a happy ending.

In May 2022, Love Leo Rescue, a nonprofit organization located in Santa Monica, California, received a distressing 911 call about a pitbull who had been found covered in toxic green paint. The rescue team rushed to her aid, determined to give her the help she urgently needed.


Clover, as she came to be known, was taken to the North Valley Veterinary Center. There, she received two medicated baths to remove the green paint, revealing the extent of the chemical burns on her delicate skin. These injuries were so severe that Clover required several weeks of hospital care. Nevertheless, she proved to be a resilient little fighter, and her true spirit began to shine through.

During her recovery, Clover was placed in a foster home through Love Leo Rescue. She thrived in this loving environment, showing just how resilient pitbulls can be. Whether playing with her foster friends, going for hikes, or snuggling in her bed, Clover embraced her newfound happiness.

After her recovery, Clover was ready to find her forever home. However, due to her past trauma, she naturally had some fears around humans and needed a patient and understanding family. Despite some adoption disappointments along the way, June 2023 brought the long-awaited news: Clover had finally found her forever family.


Eric and Aubrey, a caring couple, welcomed Clover into their home. They demonstrated patience, kindness, and a thoughtful approach to helping her overcome her anxieties. Their dedication paid off, and Clover finally found her place in the world.

Recently, Love Leo Rescue shared an unfortunate update about Clover’s health. She injured both her ACLs and now requires expensive knee surgeries totaling $10,000. To help cover the costs, Love Leo Rescue is kindly asking supporters to donate $5.

Despite this setback, Clover remains strong and resilient. With the continued support of her loving family, she is “living her best life” and successfully working through her fear-based issues.It is truly unimaginable that anyone would be so cruel to such a beautiful dog, covering her in toxic green paint. However, we are incredibly grateful that Clover has pulled through and now has a loving family who cherishes her. If you share our love for dogs and this heartwarming story, please help us spread the word!

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