Let’s introduce our other talented kid. He is the talented kid who was not constrained and performed in front of thousands of spectators. He has revealed his great talent since childhood. The little one is only three years old. And it is clear from his talent that he has a great future ahead of him. Only three years old and so talented, this is really great. Children of his age could even confuse the song or forget it, but not him, because he performed the anthem from the beginning to the end and was the first of the performers to go on stage.

3-Year-Old Drake Grillo Sings National Anthem Before Syracuse Game - Sports Illustrated

He was not at all constrained to perform in front of the audience, and yes, this is wonderful. The baby’s name is Drake. It becomes clear from his speech that he will be among the talented people in the future. We should also remind that the stadium where he went on stage and performed had more than 6000 spectators. We wish Drake great success in the future.


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