Patricia Richardson, known for her role as Jill Taylor in the hit TV show Home Improvement, has recently voiced her disinterest in reviving the series. In an interview on the Back to the Best podcast, the 66-year-old actress spoke out against the idea and called out her on-screen husband, Tim Allen, for allegedly spreading rumors about a possible reunion.

When asked about her interest in a Home Improvement reboot, Richardson responded with a resounding “No.” She finds it “weird” that Allen has been publicly claiming that everyone is on board for a reunion when he hasn’t even approached her or Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who played their on-screen son.

Richardson revealed that she recently contacted Thomas to ask if Allen had discussed a reboot with him. To her surprise, Thomas confirmed that he had never been approached about it. Richardson finds it strange that Allen would make such claims without consulting the original cast members.

Since the show ended almost 25 years ago, Richardson claims she has never been asked to do another Home Improvement project. And even if the opportunity arose, she wouldn’t be interested. She listed several reasons, including the fact that Zachery Ty Bryan, who played their oldest son, is now a felon. Taran Noah Smith, who portrayed the youngest son, has retired from acting. Thomas, on the other hand, is more focused on directing and writing. In addition, the late Earl Hindman, who played Wilson, is no longer with us.

Richardson also mentioned that doing a reboot without the original cast members and characters like Wilson would drastically change the show’s dynamic. She believes that it would be impossible to capture the magic of the original series and that attempting to do so would be “very weird.”

In conclusion, Richardson feels that Home Improvement had its time and ended on a high note. She believes they made the right decision to quit before the show declined in quality and thinks it should stay that way.

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Over the years, Tim Allen has hinted at the possibility of a Home Improvement reunion. In a recent interview with The Messenger, he mentioned keeping in touch with Richard Karn and “the boys” and how they have discussed doing a spinoff. Although nothing concrete has materialized, the idea of a new show called Home Re-Improvement has been brought up.

Allen also revealed in an interview with E! that a revival was almost in the works after Last Man Standing was canceled by ABC but later picked up by Fox. They had serious discussions about bringing the show back and even considered a storyline focusing on the boys as real estate agents. However, these plans were halted when Last Man Standing found a new home.

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