We often hear stories about children that are unable to go to school for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it is because of a personal choice they make, but in any case, it gets people upset when the school system doesn’t play nice.

That is where an eight-year-old boy in London, Farouk James, comes in. He has a Caucasian mother, and his father is from Ghana. His mother wanted to honor his father’s wishes, so she didn’t cut his hair until he was three years old.

In speaking with Good Morning America, she said she didn’t cut his hair until he was three, but they didn’t expect it would continue to keep growing.

James has curly hair, and he describes it as being unique. He plans never to cut his hair, and his mother is okay with it. She doesn’t feel he should have to cut his hair, but the school system doesn’t agree.

Miller has been looking for schools, but unfortunately, the strict rules in place at the school she is considering say that he can’t have the hairstyle.

One of the schools has a policy that does not allow dreadlocks or any other type of extreme haircut. They say the maximum hair length is above the collar, and the minimum is a number two cut.

Another school said that the girls could have long hair but the boys must have short hair.

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