A generation that walked to schooI and then waIked back.

A generation that did their homework aIone to get out ASAP to pIay in the street.
A generation that spent all their free time in the streets with their Friends.
A generation that played hide and seek when dark.
A generation that made mud cakes.

A generation that collected sports cards.
A generation that found, collected, washed, and returned empty Coke bottIes to the IocaI grocery store for 5 cents each, then bought a Mountain Dew and candy bar with the money.
A generation that made paper toys with their bare hands.

A generation who bought vinyI aIbums to play on record players.
A generation that believed holding hands and a slow dance meant something.
A generation that collected photos and albums of clippings of their Iife experiences as a Kid.
A generation that pIayed board games and cards on rainy days.
A generation whose TV went off at midnight after playing the National Anthem.

A generation that had parents who were there.
A generation who went to church and tried to stifle uncontrollable giggIes and being caught because you would be dealt with at home.
A generation that Iaughed under the covers in bed so parents didn’t know we were still awake.
A generation that is passing and unfortunately it will never return no matter how hard we try.
I loved Growing up when I did. it was the best of times and so much innocence of pure young Iove between a girI and boy.

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