to his actress wife, Kyra Sedgwick, he had a change of heart.

Speaking about their time together at award shows, Bacon expressed how much he cherished spending time with Sedgwick. “You know, when I started to see her film work—it’s like barely recognizable, and that’s what I had always imagined being an actor was, to be able to put on these different hats and become different people,” the actor disclosed. Like Meryl Streep, Sedgwick was able to morph into a variety of personalities, which served as inspiration for Bacon.

Kevin Bacon details journey from 'Footloose' guy to family man as he  celebrates 65th birthday | Fox News

Let’s travel back in time to 1976, when Bacon relocated to New York from his homeland of Philadelphia. Although he and his sister had previously traveled to the city, this time he intended to stay. He had initially lived with his sister, but by the time he managed to secure housing of his own, all he had left over for the month was $150.

“That’s…what I had decided,” Bacon recounted, adding, “I don’t know where I got the math on that.” He happened found an advertisement for an apartment geared at musicians, artists, and actors in The Village Voice. Even though it was a complete bust, it was all he could afford. Bacon co-worked with a pianist in a rental office for four years.

Bacon’s acting career took off and he improved his life despite living in a difficult situation. On the “Lemon Sky” film set in 1987, he got to know Kyra Sedgwick. While Sedgwick wasn’t instantly enamored, Bacon experienced love at first sight.

But in the end, Bacon’s perseverance paid off, and they went on their first date. Over a romantic supper, they laughed for hours on end and had the best time. After realizing that Bacon was the one for her, Sedgwick and Bacon have been each other’s greatest supporters and admirers ever since.

Travis and Sosie, who are now in their 30s, are the two children they raised together. Bacon loved being a father and always tried to teach his kids to be honest, moral, and to have compassion for everyone. A sense of humor, as Sedgwick states, is essential. He is so hilarious.

Bacon is happy living on a farm with his family these days. Many people find inspiration in Bacon’s career, which began with him living in poverty and ending up successful in Hollywood.

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