Having a dog is a lifelong commitment, but unfortunately, many people give up their pets for arbitrary reasons and don’t care about their fate. This heartbreaking story is just one example of such heartless abandonment.

A 7-year-old male dog was recently surrendered to the Greenville Animal Control Shelter in Greenville, Texas. The reason? His owner was having a baby and felt they wouldn’t have enough time to dedicate to the dog.

Imagine the confusion and sadness this poor dog must have felt, being uprooted from the only home he had ever known. Not only was he faced with the uncertainty of finding a new family, but he also risked being euthanized at the overcrowded shelter.

Thankfully, the Lone Star Dog Ranch & Dog Ranch Rescue stepped in and paid the $17 adoption fee to rescue this sweet dog. They couldn’t hide their frustration, expressing their exasperation and disappointment with the owner’s decision on Facebook.https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Flonestardogranch%2Fposts%2Fpfbid06TjAYYYaK1qCUAo77UdyVkHygPaKmPyHwdwBiXtsZvC4x7ePDcPwk5ZUBaf6X9ynl&show_text=true&width=500&is_preview=true

The rescue’s heartfelt post questioned the owner’s actions and begged them to consider the emotional toll it took on the dog. Was it so easy for them to hand over a loyal companion of 7 years? Did they feel any remorse while waiting in line at the shelter? These questions were a stark reminder of the impact such abandonment has on innocent animals.

Although Rooney, as the dog is now called, experienced some physical distress from the upheaval, he showed resilience and a gentle nature. While he remained in isolation, trying to process being discarded, he slowly started to adjust in his new environment.

Lone Star Dog Ranch & Dog Ranch Rescue is determined to find Rooney a loving forever home, where he will be cherished for the rest of his life. They hope to place him with a family that understands the true meaning of commitment and will never abandon him again.

It breaks our hearts to think that Rooney had to go through such a traumatic experience, but we take solace in knowing that he is now safe and in the caring hands of the rescue organization. Let’s spread the word about Rooney and help him find a new home where he will be loved and cherished for who he is.

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