All shelter dogs yearn for a loving home, but sadly, some are overlooked due to misconceptions about their appearance.

Take the case of Biggie, a dog whose “scary” looks have made it hard for him to find a forever home.

Biggie, a 3-5 year old pit bull, resides at the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter in Branford, Connecticut. His life has been a series of unfortunate events, as he’s been let down by multiple families and endured long periods of abandonment.

Despite waiting for over 210 days, potential adopters shy away from Biggie because they find his appearance too intimidating.

The shelter staff highlight Biggie’s wonderful traits: he loves hiking and car rides, has a medium energy level, and is suitable for families with children aged 14 and up.

“Biggie is immensely sweet with a cheerful personality,” says the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter. “He’s gentle in the cat room and enjoys pack walks with other dogs.”

Unfortunately, his large size and the look of his ears lead many to bypass him, searching for a “happy go lucky pit bull.”

“Biggie doesn’t realize he looks intimidating; he simply seeks affection,” the shelter expressed.

The continuous rejection has visibly saddened Biggie. He used to excitedly greet visitors, but now, he mostly stays lying on his bed, appearing dejected.

“While he enjoys day trips with staff and volunteers, returning to his kennel disheartens him greatly,” shared Laura Selvaggio Burban, director of the shelter.https:

We continue to hope that someone will look past Biggie’s stern exterior and see the loving heart that lies within.

If you can offer Biggie the loving home he deserves, please consider reaching out for adoption.

Help us find a family for Biggie by sharing his story. Together, we can ensure he finds the loving home he deserves.

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