In an event that seems like it could be straight out of a scripted comedy, celebrity chef Guy Fieri reportedly had Hollywood star Tom Hanks removed from one of his dining venues, citing the reason that Hanks is ‘ungodly and woke.’

Picture this unusual scenario: Tom Hanks, a cherished figure in American cinema, known for his portrayals of relatable heroes, steps into a Guy Fieri diner hoping for a simple, delicious American meal.

At the counter stands Fieri himself, infamous for his exuberant personality and love for rich, indulgent dishes, outfitted in his iconic bleached-blond hair and sunglasses.

As Hanks looks forward to enjoying some of Fieri’s famed Trash Can Nachos, the atmosphere shifts. Recognizing the actor, Fieri approaches Hanks, and in a shocking twist, brands him ‘ungodly and woke’, stating he’s not fit for the esteemed ambiance of Flavortown.

The term ‘ungodly and woke’, especially directed at Tom Hanks, who has almost universally been seen as the quintessence of a gentleman in Hollywood, creates a striking contrast that leaves more questions than answers.

One wonders what could have led to Fieri’s dramatic judgment. Was it Hanks’ cinematic roles that typically depict virtuous characters, or something off-screen that we’re less aware of?

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