In 2019, ADEM Show took the stage of America’s Got Talent, where they were met with a huge task. Simon Cowell was not happy. Even more grumpy than normal. At the start of the video, you can see that Cowell was very angry about everything he had seen so far. One act that didn’t get picked said, “When it’s not as good as we’ve had before, I can’t get excited.” He told someone else, “Way too generic,” in a bored way. You need to do something better than other people have.

That’s what Kyrgyzstan’s ADEM Show had to deal with. They had to come up with something new and better than what the judges had seen before. That was a big deal, since this was Season 14 of the long-running talent show. Cowell sighed and said, “This has been a really strange day.” Then ADEM show came out on stage dressed in clothes that were based on the video game Mortal Combat. Cowell looked at her with wide eyes in shock. The fact that they wouldn’t introduce themselves made the judge even more interested.

Instead of the normal talk with the judges before the performance, the show started with the sound of electricity. At this point, Cowell already looked really scared, like he had broken out of his boredom. The electric charges made the dance group shake like they were coming to life. As soon as fast electronic music started, they started dancing robotically in perfect sync, which left Cowell’s fellow judge Julianne Hough speechless.
After that, the group showed off their amazing, and maybe even a little scary, twisting skills. Arms were bent and twisted. Heads were moved in strange ways to make it look like they were being cut off. Gabrielle Union, the judge, said, “Oh!” with a look that was somewhere between shocked and sick. Then, one of the dancers grabbed his legs and turned his whole body around. Presenter Terry Crews was the next one to scream, and he had to look away in shock at what he had seen.

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