ST2.Kate Middleton will return to royal duty if this one condition is met, royal expert claims

Kate Middleton has not been on public duty since last year. The Princess of Wales was first recovering from her planned abdominal surgery, but in February, she got the shocking news that she had been diagnosed with cancer. 

In an emotional video, Kate revealed details about her cancer diagnosis, and now, she is undergoing chemotherapy. Prince William has given minor updates about her well-being, but when we get to see her in public again, we don’t know.

While the Princess of Wales is recovering at Adelaide Cottage, she has reportedly done some work. It was revealed already in February that she had sent emails and letters, and now, Kate and her husband have given updates on a new, major project. But while it appears that the princess is strong enough to do some work from home, an expert is giving another update about her possible return.

This year was supposed to start a new era for the royal family. 2024 would be the first full year with King Charles as king, meaning everything would have been under control for him, Prince William, and Kate Middleton.

However, as we look back just half a year, things turned out to be quite different.

Kate Middleton – abdominal surgery & cancer diagnosis

In mid-January, Kate Middleton was hospitalized for 13 days after her abdominal surgery; Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles had been diagnosed with cancer just hours after the princess’ surgery was revealed – and royal fans were left in turmoil. 

Two of the most prominent and beloved royal family members, King Charles and Kate Middleton, were out from royal duty. Instead, Queen Camilla and Prince William had to step up in their absence. 

Kate’s absence from public life, not least because of the manipulated Mother’s Day picture, resulted in many conspiracy theories surrounding her. But on March 22, she told the world why she was absent. 

“In January, I underwent major abdominal surgery in London, and at the time, it was thought that my condition was non-cancerous. The surgery was successful; however, tests after the operation found cancer had been present. My medical team therefore, advised that I should undergo a course of preventive chemotherapy, and I am now in the early stages of that treatment,” Kate Middleton said in her statement, recorded in the Windsor Gardens. 

SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND – JUNE 27: Catherine, Princess of Wales reacts during a visit of the new facilities of “Hope Street” during its opening on June 27, 2023 in Southampton, England. Hope Street is a residential community developed by One Small Thing, which is piloting a new approach to supporting women in the justice system. (Photo by Daniel Leal – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

“This of course, came as a huge shock and William and I have been doing everything we can to process and manage this privately for the sake of our young family. As you can imagine, this has taken time. It has taken me time to recover from major surgery in order to start my treatment. But most importantly, it has taken us time to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis in a way that is appropriate for them and to reassure them that I’m going to be okay.”

King Charles plan for royal replacements in Kate’s absence

While Kate Middleton hasn’t been on royal duty for months, it’s been reported that she still has done some work from both her hospital bed and later from home. But those who expect the princess back on royal duty soon might be disappointed. 

At least, according to a Daily Mail source, who claims King Charles is looking to other royal family members, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, to take her place in the many critical royal events this summer.

“They’ve got a busy diary coming up, and they need to widen the family at social events. You’ve got a whole week of Ascot. You have four garden parties. You’ve got Trooping the Colour, and you’ve got a state visit before you even start on other things,” the source said. 

The source added that King Charles is looking to “bring in some fresh blood,” as he believes they’ve “grown into very sensible, lovely women” who could be a great asset for the royal family.

“They have been crying out for that royal glamour that has been missing during a time when his slimmed-down monarchy is in desperate need of bulking up.”

“Beatrice, in particular, has been desperate for her chance to shine. She was once shy, and her style was a little frumpy. But these days she’s ambitious, confident and fashionable. She looks great in photos,” the source concluded.

Kate Middleton has not undertaken any public engagements this year as she has been recovering from her surgery and, as of the latest, undergoing preventive chemotherapy. 

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

While the Princess of Wales has many passions—breaking the stigma of mental health issues is one of the issues close to her heart—she has also set up The Centre for Early Childhood. Kate’s foundation explores the importance of a child’s early years in developing into adulthood.

Kate Middleton makes royal ‘return’ as she issues first major update on project

Now, the Royal Foundation Business Taskforce for Early Childhood has unveiled a significant new report, and Kate has been a “driving force” behind it.

As per Sky, the report argues that investing in early childhood could generate more than £45.5 billion for the national economy each year.

Despite Kate Middleton being ill and undergoing treatments for her cancer, her spokesman reveals that Kate has been across every aspect of the major report from her home at Adelaide Cottage.

“The work of The Prince and Princess’ projects is ‘always on’…early childhood is a huge priority for The Princess, and so she has been kept fully updated throughout the development of the Taskforce’s work, and she has seen the report,” a Kate Middleton spokesperson told the Daily Mail.

A senior royal aide told GB News: “The Princess of Wales was the driving force behind the business task force. She has been kept up to date since the inception of the task force, and she has read the report and been briefed on it.”

“This is a clear commitment she has made that throughout her life of public service that this will be focus. That will continue when she returns to work. But we have been really clear that she needs the space and the privacy to recover right now. She will return to work when she has had the green light from doctors.”

Andy Buchanan – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Christian Guy, executive director of the early childhood center, told the newspaper: “This is another crucial moment for HRH’s early childhood work…its impact, and the work of her Centre for Early I know, having briefed The Princess on this, that she is enormously grateful to the members of the Taskforce who have made such fantastic progress on this work over the past year.”

Royal expert says update should not be seen as Kate Middleton’s “return to work”

While there has been no news—except for Prince William a while ago saying Kate is “doing well”—on Kate’s possible return to royal duty, the news on her childhood project is giving royal fans hope that she could return.

However, GB News’ royal correspondent Cameron Walker says this “should not be seen” as Kate is back.

Speaking on GB News, host Isabel Webster said: “It’s characteristically Catherine, isn’t it? To say she wasn’t doesn’t want to distract from this report by having people talking about her health. We should start probably by saying she said she’s not feeling well enough to come out and talk about this in public, but she is saying she’s watching it, keeping a close eye from behind closed doors.”

Cameron Walker added, “This should not be seen as a return to work by the Princess of Wales, but I have been told she’s read the report and has been briefed on it. But this will stem from her work from when she started being a working member of the Royal Family, where she was working closely with people suffering from addiction and mental health problems.”

“It’s a big task, isn’t it?” the royal correspondent concluded. 

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

“That’s a lot of change that would need to happen. So it’s going to happen over a long period of time. The princess cannot lobby the government. She can’t be political. So I think she’s trying to encourage the private sector to do as much as they can in sport and create societal change.”

Prince William & Kate Middleton plan ‘secret getaway’ at Adelaide Cottage

Kate and her family spent several weeks around Easter at their countryside home, Anmer Hall, at Sandringham. At the time, Kate had just told the world about her cancer diagnosis, and at Anmer Hills, the family could enjoy privacy far away from the public eye. 

Meanwhile, OK! Magazine reports that the Prince and Princess of Wales also want to make changes at their home, Adelaide Cottage, to help Kate Middleton recover. 

A source told OK! that the Prince and Princess of Wales plan to expand a vacant annex to help Kate recover.

The couple plans to renovate the Adelaide Cottage grounds annex into a retreat for the Wales family and their staff. 

“They [William and Kate] absolutely adore Adelaide Cottage, but it just about fits the entire family, whereas Anmer Hall is much larger with extensive grounds,” a source told OK!.

“Adelaide Cottage is being used as a term time property while the children are at school nearby and Anmer Hall is for long weekends and holidays.”

Samir Hussein/WireImage

The plans are currently on hold, but the builders will be called as soon as the time is right.—&gpp_sid=-1&client=ca-pub-3508410170193447&output=html&h=280&adk=2660622074&adf=298945487&w=856&abgtt=6&fwrn=4&fwrnh=100&lmt=1716567939&num_ads=1&rafmt=1&armr=3&sem=mc&pwprc=9260663774&ad_type=text_image&format=856×280&–dXYOFM0rdXPFtEJPu-BMQd5Mo6U2MoO2T8K3SWU8mt2ocZpc1mOl9–4QJf5NEal6RxRdiK98K3bJd8h05b8MCEKxFEOiXrqtgV%2CAOrYGskaavBKrJxx862oVA4RtpPmRBH7fhDXnnmDOg9SzgGFRUkw2IyefwlDLflpWOiKuLOJxwtQ9hfXvVL4FWHDQkB61L0%2CAOrYGsn1YewV63XE3wT1oTjDNRmBpUp0F0uKEEKsTpPSycy0_3IGB-aDXJJPWYMMXtGRN_Ec760TZfhR-DDQRurbOU1B%2CAOrYGskgTPiuNN2sivMplRuLzT8o29AkFKgTmPmns37R9JcXE52PAsRtDZFPHwwXdNPvDshZGhACffz0xTLb3bX6MJkxZKk%2CAOrYGsmysMfkFAGdHTkqk8BoQEwMwWfvZDw6LezFblsgSTOFepB-6XF4nfTptWimDvglNXWJoKTyjcnudaynGYVwjj7BRYE%2CAOrYGsn2Bx5OLVIrWxmqyJAQ8VZtApgI0UMzuvtViDN7Emh1MUWIHqH16daMlg8R8k-WXFCQ6EzXV7f8NT5Npb4ytU78CLM&pvsid=2466310395990266&tmod=2089069572&wsm=1&uas=1&nvt=1&!8&btvi=7&fsb=1&dtd=96091

“Nobody knows that there is quite a spacious red-brick annex building that’s not being used next door to Adelaide Cottage,” an insider revealed. “It’s currently uninhabitable and needs extensive renovation works if it were to be used.”

Will pay for it themselves

“Discussions have been ongoing for a while about using the property as part of the overall cottage grounds, but it’s just about finding the right time to kick the project off.”

So who will pay for it? According to an insider, Kate and William are considering paying for it because they fear public backlash. 

“William is very conscious of the public scrutiny over the Royal Family’s spending habits, so he is looking at the best way to cover any renovation costs,” a source disclosed. “It’s a project that’s very much been put on the back burner for now due to the family’s unfortunate position, but it will be looked at again when the time is right,” the insider told OK!.

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