A mother secretly funded her lavish lifestyle using her daughter’s inheritance. Not a penny belonged to her, but she didn’t shy away from robbing her child of her rightful wealth. Years later, karma visits the aged mother.When a mother thought she’d simply get away with robbing her daughter of her rightful inheritance, she overlooked the negative consequences that would fall on her later. A Redditor shared that she lost her grandmother when she was 16. The grandparent was a hardworking woman who ran an upholstery business for 50 years. When she neared her end of days, she got down to some serious decisions about the rightful heirs of her inheritance. Eventually, the wealth was sliced up, sparking a legacy war.The original poster’s (OP) mother was the middle child.

OP was well aware of her mother and grandmother’s clash and also guessed how her parent would react to finding out how much or how little she inherited.Her mother wouldn’t settle for an average share. She dreamed big and wanted a considerable share than the others in the family. However, OP’s grandmother didn’t abide by her desires and knew what she needed to do. As a practical lady, the grandmother decided to give out her assets based on which child and grandchild would benefit the most in the long run. Amidst her thoughtful process, she didn’t allow herself to be influenced by anyone, not even OP’s mother.When the grandparent died a few years ago, her will

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