‘Prince Harry is playing the victim once again – but his poor me routine doesn’t wash’
Following on from Prince Harry’s most recent return to the UK, a debate has been sparked about whether the Duke was invited to stay at a royal residence – something which have made it easier for Harry to have a brief meeting with his father.

While representatives from both parties claim different conversations took place, it has been reported that Prince Harry rejected the offer to stay at a residence such as St James’s Palace, Clarence House or Buckingham Palace over fears for his security.

This decision, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond points out exclusively to OK!, is difficult to understand. “I find it very hard to buy the argument that Harry wouldn’t feel safe in a royal residence,” she says.

“They are heavily guarded, as you would expect and there are usually several ways of getting in and out of palaces and castles, so he wouldn’t necessarily have to be seen.

Prince Harry meets members of the public as he departs The Invictus Games Foundation 10th Anniversary Service at St Paul's Cathedral

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