Princess Catherine of Wales’ magazine cover photo has ignited an online controversy. Many have questioned the portrait’s likeness to the princess, with one even calling it a “joke.” This issue contributes to the ongoing debate over her cancer illness, historic title, and absence from royal duties.A new image of Princess Catherine of Wales for Tatler’s July 2024 cover has generated a stir online. Hannah Uzor, a British-Zambian artist, painted the image, which depicts Catherine clothed in an immaculate white gown with a cape, blue sash, and crown.

The cover completes a royal triptych that includes Tatler’s previous pictures of Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III. However, many netizens voiced strong feelings regarding the portrait. One person simply wondered, “Is this a joke?” Another said, “This is not HRH.” The princess of Wales. “God knows who it is, but it is not HRH.” Even others who aren’t big fans of the princess thought the artwork was disrespectful, with one saying, “I am not a Kate fan, but that portrait is an insult.”

Several people echoed remarks like “No resemblance” and “This is not resembling her at all,” indicating a lack of likeness. Furthermore, a commentator emphasized their unmet expectation that art convey the soul of its subject: “I don’t necessarily want art to resemble a photo of the subject, but this has captured nothing of her essence- not even her dimples! Btw, I love the King’s new red painting!

“The criticism of Catherine’s image came after Charles unveiled his all-red portrait by artist Jonathan Yeo. The picture, displayed at Buckingham Palace, depicted the King wearing the Welsh Guards’ red uniform.The King’s painting made many people nervous, putting a pall over what should have been a magnificent portrayal. “This is one of the creepiest royal portraits I have ever seen. “Horrible,” cried one spectator.

Another person expressed dissatisfaction, saying, “I don’t get a positive vibe from viewing this photo at all. Sorry to the artist, but it isn’t pleasant to look at.”Prior to the controversy surrounding royal portraits, King Charles bestowed an important title upon Catherine. In April, he made her a Royal Companion of the Order of the Companions of Honour at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

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