A guy’s car breaks down in the middle of town, and he looks for a hotel to stay in while he waits for his car to be fixed. He finds a very small hotel and walks in. He asks the man at the counter, “Do you have any rooms available?”The man at the counter says, “Yeah, but don’t stick your d**k in the 3 holes.” “OK.”

The guy agrees and walks to his room. A couple of days go by and his car is still in the shop. He gets curious and sticks his d**k in the first hole. He says,”Ahh, that feels good!” Then he sticks his d**k in the second hole, “Ahh, that feels even better!” Then he sticks his d**k in the third hole, “OUCH! !My d**k! !”He quickly pulled his d**k out and it was all bloody

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