Historic Photos There are plenty of photos of important moments in history. Many of these photos are famous and often viewed by the public. Other historic photos are equally as amazing but rarely seen. Here are 20 of these pictures that haven’t gotten the attention that they deserve.

Refusing To Salute This photo was taken in Germany on June 13, 1936. Everyone in the picture is giving the Nazi salute, except for one man. This man has his arms crossed in protest. Grotto In An Iceberg This photo is during the British Antarctic Expedition. It shows the “Terra Nova” from inside the Grotto that formed as an iceberg changed. It presented to King George V in 1914. 106-Year-Old Woman Guarding Her Home This dramatic photo is during the 1990 conflict known as the Nagorno-Karabakh War. The woman was holding an AK 47 to protect her home during a war where 20,000 people died. Woodstock Woodstock is the most famous music festival in history. This photo shows the huge crowd that showed up to the three-day-three night event. There have been other music festival since, but none that drew crowds this big. Elvis In the Army Many people don’t know that Elvis Presley put his music career on hold to join the army. This is a rarely seen photo of Elvis while he was heading out for basic training. Baby In a Cage This photo is in London in 1940. During this time, it was common for parents to put their kids in cages to get some air and sunlight without needing to worry about them crawling away. Today, this would land you in prison. The First Modern Olympic Games This photo of three men running was taken in Athens in 1896. This was the first successful attempt to bring back the Olympic Games after the Roman Emperor Theodosius I banned the games. Children For Sale The woman in this photo is trying to hide her face from the camera in embarrassment because she is trying to sell her children. The sign read, “4 Children For Sale, Inquire Within.” The photo is in Chicago in 1948. This is something else that would land you in jail today. This historic photo has never been edited. Take a closer look. Marilyn Monroe As a Teenager There are thousands of photos of Marilyn Monroe out there, but not too many of her in her teens. This is a rarely seen photo of the actress before she came into her beauty. Elvis Presley’s First Recording Session This rare photo is in January 1956 during Elvis’ first recording session. He was working on the Heartbreak Hotel album, which quickly became number one. Children Playing With Money During the First World War, Germany hit by a terrible case of inflation, which left German currency useless. The children in this photo are stacking money like blocks because it is entirely worthless. Einstein On the Beach Most of the photos of Einstein show his serious side. This is one photo that shows him letting loose at the beach. It was taken in 1939 and was taken by David Rotham. The Last Photo Of the Titanic This photo was taken in 1913, and it is the last known photo of the shop. Three days after this photo was taken, the ship sank, killing 1,514 people. General Ambrose Burnside If you have ever wondered where sideburns got their name, this photo tells it all. His facial hair grew in an odd way, which started the strange style. Bob Marley and Cindy Breakspeare This is a rarely seen photo of Bob Marley and Cindy Breakspeare, Miss World 1976. She is also Damien Marley’s mother. The picture of the two shows them dressed casually, enjoying some time on the beach. Fritz The Dog Getting A Shave Fritz was a television celebrity dog in 1961. This photo was taken on April 1961, and h wasn’t getting a shave at the groomer. Instead, he went to see a California barber to give him a shave. Celebrities! Mohandas Gandhi, Attorney At Law Mohandas Gandhi was a young Indian activist who made it his mission to protest the British-imposed salt tax. There aren’t too many photos of him, and not many of him looking relaxed. Benjamin, The Last Tasmanian Tiger The Tasmanian tiger became extinct in the 20th century. It was native to Tasmania, New Guinea, and Continental Australia. This is a photo of the last of the species at the Beaumaris Zoo in 1993. The Eiffel Tower Under Construction The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous structures in the world. This photo was taken in Paris in the 1880s when it was not yet complete. Charlie Chaplin Without Makeup It is very rare to see a photo of Charlie Chaplin without is makeup. This is one of the only ones in existence.

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