Teenager dies after crashing into school bus; then police find what she was holding.

A young person died in a school bus accident, which was very sad and has caused a lot of trouble in Panola County.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol has confirmed that the accident happened Wednesday morning around 7:15 a.m., when a driver hit a South Panola School bus.

It has been confirmed that the victim is Katelyn Ray by her family.

Ray’s car hit the back of a South Panola School bus on Highway 15 near Highway 6 in Panola County, which led to the accident.

It was so sad that this happened while Ray was on her way to pick up her older sister from work. It was a sad goodbye when Katelyn and her mother, Shelia Ray, had their last conversation. It was a simple exchange of love and family affection.

As Shelia Ray told the story of what happened, she expressed her shock at the next turn of events. When Katelyn’s family tried to get in touch with her, they were met with a strange silence that made them more worried.

The agonizing wait ended when the highway patrol called with the terrible news that Katelyn had been in a serious car accident.

Authorities from the Mississippi Highway Patrol say that Katelyn Ray’s car hit the back of the school bus very hard during the accident.

The family was even more worried when Katelyn didn’t show up to her sister’s job by 7:30 a.m., which was due to the order of events. The victim’s sister, Courtney Pettit, shared the growing worry and wondered where Katelyn was at those crucial times.

When Courtney Pettit didn’t know what to do, she turned to social media and wrote a touching post on Facebook asking for any information about her missing sister.

The family got the terrible news of the accident on the Panola County highways while they were desperately looking for their loved one.

Katelyn’s aunt, Stephanie Pettit, spoke about how sad the family was and how hard it is to imagine what happened before the crash.

Katelyn, who was proud to be an aunt, was taking GED classes at the WIN Job Center, which showed how lively and friendly she was.

The Panola County community is still dealing with the loss of a young life, and the Mississippi Highway Patrol is in charge of the crash investigation.

The close-knit community is now sad about the death of Katelyn Ray, who had just gotten her driver’s license two months before the terrible accident.

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