She has undoubtedly passed her most glitzy, flashy years as she nears the 90s, but that doesn’t mean she has stopped having fun and flaunting her body confidence.

In terms of grace, poise, and self-control, many “new” superstars could learn a thing or two from Joan Collins. What a life she has led—and is leading—is amazing.

The English actress from Paddington, London, is best known for her role as Alexis Carrington Colby in the soap opera Dynasty.

Dynasty made Joan a global icon, and in 1984 it was the most watched  television show in the nation. At the time, her episode pay was $15,000. There were roughly 21 million homes that watched each episode to see what her selfish and cunning character would come up with.

The first influential woman on  television, she was. For that, I received a lot of flak. I was just defending myself as a strong, independent woman, you know, as she is such a ballbreaker, such a vixen, and so snobbish,” Joan told CBS in 2019.

Surprisingly, Collins is still employed in the entertainment industry nearly 70 years after her first screen appearance.

Wikipedia states that she starred in Tomorrow Morning, The Gentle Sex in 2022, and the film In Bed with the Duchess, which is currently in production.

She also makes heavy use of social media.

Storms caused a lot of the US to experience unusually cold weather last month, but for Joan Collins, it was all about the heat.

The renowned actress reportedly used the holiday season to her advantage to publish a photo of herself practically sizzling next to her 57-year-old husband, Percy Gibson.

I was able to swim and eat a delicious meal because of Adam and Evie Bricusse and Beverly Hills’ 82°F weather.

Comments from admirers about Collins’ stylish leopard print  swimwear were plentiful. The actress was delightfully radiant even though she was getting close to 90 years old.

Collins has wed a total of five times. Actor Maxwell Reed and she were married for four years in her first union. Anthony Newley, a singer-songwriter, was the subject of her second marriage. Her next husband was entrepreneur Ronald S. Kass, who was followed by Swedish singer-songwriter Peter Holm.

“I regret some of my marriages; I far too frequently committed that error. I erred greatly. I don’t regret any of my decisions because I have two wonderful children—Tara and Alexander—from my marriage to Tony [Newley] and one beautiful daughter—Katy—from my marriage to Ron [Kass]. I regret marrying the Swede [Peter Holm] very much,” Joan admitted last year.

Collins asserts that she and Percy have become the closest of friends. She talked about how they fell in love during the pandemic.

I can really see how strong our bond is now that we’re in lockdown,” she said. Vacationing, meeting new people, and hosting guests at the villa are all things I enjoy. Percy and I are currently the only ones left, though, because of the restrictions. We’re great at being criminal accomplices.

Whatever anyone may say, Joan Collins is a legend and an icon who despite her advanced age still maintains a youthful appearance.

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