My Stepmom Came to My Wedding in a White Dress, Saying She ‘Deserves Attention Too’ – So My Husband Taught Her a Real Lesson Alexandra was prepared for drama when her stepmother showed up to her wedding wearing a white dress and demanding attention. However, her spouse had a scheme to completely surprise everyone by turning the tables.“These flowers have to be flawless,” Linda said as she carefully arranged them. “After all, it’s a big day for the family.”I tried to remain composed while I sipped my tea at the dining room table.My father grinned at her. “Linda has a great eye for these things,” he stated.I feigned a laugh.

“You’re right, Linda, they do look nice.” After Mom died when I was ten years old, I met Linda, my stepmother. She enjoyed being the focus of attention, and she felt the same way today.She fussed over the flowers, arranging each petal precisely as she saw fit. She moved theatrically, as if she were performing. I pondered over the part she would attempt to play throughout the nuptials. “Are you excited about the wedding, Dad?” I tried to change the topic by asking.With sparkling eyes, he nodded. Many thanks, Alexandra. It is going to be a lovely day.“Yes, and everything has to be perfect,” Linda added. We don’t often have events this significant.”

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