Woman fosters obese golden retriever to help her lose weight — incredible transformation inspires internet

When pets become severely overweight, it can be a real threat to their health and quality of life. These hefty pets need someone who will give them the love and care they need and get them back into shape. Recently, one woman decided to foster an obese golden retriever — beginning a weight loss journey that has inspired people everywhere.

Annika Bram: A Rescuer with a Purpose

Annika Bram, a 24-year-old student at UC-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, had no plans of taking in another dog any time soon, after the death of her dog Georgia last year. However, fate had other plans for her when she heard about an 8-year-old golden retriever named Frannie, who was in desperate need of a caring home. Frannie was obese: at 125 pounds, she was double the normal body weight of her breed.


Frannie’s owners were planning to euthanize her due to her obesity, but a rescue group called Rover’s Retreat wanted to give her a chance. Annika knew she could be the one to turn Frannie’s life around, as she had successfully helped her late dog Georgia lose a significant amount of weight. She believed that Georgia had sent Frannie to her, a sign that she needed to help this precious dog in need.

The Start of Frannie’s Fight

Meeting Frannie for the first time, Annika realized the extent of her condition. Frannie couldn’t stand up, had no energy left, and couldn’t even walk. It was a heartbreaking sight. But Annika was determined to change that. She saw beyond Frannie’s physical state and believed that with proper care and attention, the golden retriever could regain her health and happiness.

Frannie’s excessive weight was caused by untreated hypothyroidism, and it had taken a toll on her overall health. She suffered from calluses, poor skin, and even a fur-less tail. Her previous family had neglected her, leaving her outside most of the time and feeding her with table scraps. But Annika refused to let Frannie’s past define her future.


A Journey of Weight Loss and Resilience

Undeterred by the challenges ahead, Annika started Frannie’s weight loss journey and documented it on social media through an Instagram account called “Frannie’s Fight.” She began with simple exercises, using a container to help Frannie relearn how to stand on her legs. With time and patience, Frannie started to walk on her own.

Through exercise and a carefully planned weight loss diet, Frannie began to show remarkable improvements. In just three months, she shed an impressive 31 pounds. It not only transformed her physical appearance but also improved her mental and emotional well-being. Frannie’s playful spirit returned, and she rediscovered her love for chasing tennis balls.

A Completely Transformed Dog

The progress Frannie made is awe-inspiring. She still has some way to go to reach Annika’s goal of 70 pounds, but she’s on the right track. Every day, Frannie’s personality shines brighter, revealing the lively and joyful dog she was meant to be. Frannie’s story has touched the hearts of many and inspired countless people online.


Annika is overwhelmed by the positive response she has received from people who have been inspired by Frannie’s incredible transformation. She shares, “I didn’t realize the impact she was making on people’s lives and how much of an inspiration she has become.” And indeed, Frannie’s journey serves as a reminder of the power of love, compassion, and dedication.

Join Frannie’s Weight Loss Adventure

Frannie’s journey is far from over. You can follow her inspiring weight loss adventure on TikTok and Instagram, where Annika continues to document her progress. Frannie’s story is proof that with the right support and care, even the most challenging situations can lead to remarkable transformations.

Thank you, Annika, for showing us the power of love and care in transforming a life. Let’s continue to share Frannie’s incredible story and spread the message of compassion for all animals in need. Together, we can inspire change and make a difference!

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