'CSI' Star Gary Sinise's Son Was Paralyzed from Chest Down Yet Kept Doing His One Favorite Thing

In a touching tribute, ‘CSI: New York’ star Gary Sinise reflects on his son Mac’s courageous journey battling an incurable illness. While Mac’s life was tragically cut short at the age of 33 due to a rare form of cancer, his unwavering spirit and passion continue to inspire.

From a young age, Mac showed a deep love for drumming. He joined his father’s band, the Lt. Dan Band, and together they rocked out at various events, including ‘CSI: New York’ wrap parties. Gary fondly recalls these moments, saying, “Those were some great times, father and son rockin’ out together for the troops.”


But life took a difficult turn when Mac and his mother were both diagnosed with cancer. While his mother went into remission after treatment, Mac faced a daunting battle against a rare cancer in his spine. Despite surgeries and treatments, the disease relentlessly progressed.

Nevertheless, Mac’s dedication to service never wavered. He served as Assistant Manager of Education and Outreach at the Gary Sinise Foundation, organizing events and engaging with military personnel and their families. Mac’s friendly demeanor left a positive impression on all who crossed his path.

Even as his health declined, Mac remained committed to his cause. He conducted interviews and contributed to the launch of the Gary Sinise Foundation, showcasing his resilience and determination. Recognizing the importance of his health, Mac temporarily stepped away from his foundation duties to focus on his recovery.


Although the cancer left Mac paralyzed from the chest down, he refused to let it extinguish his passion for music. Revisiting his love for composition, he revived a piece from his college years titled “Arctic Circles.” With the support of fellow musicians, Mac brought his music to life despite his physical limitations.

Inspiration came from his friend Sammy L. Davis, a Medal of Honor recipient and harmonica player. A rendition of “Shenandoah” played by Sammy motivated Mac to learn the tune, and he mastered it beautifully. Gary suggested arranging strings to accompany Mac, and together they realized Mac’s vision for an entire album titled “Resurrection & Revival,” which is set to release soon.

Excitement filled Mac’s last days as he celebrated his birthday during a recording session at Blackbird Studios, where Harry Connick, Jr. surprised him. However, his joy was short-lived as he tragically passed away shortly after.


While Mac’s battle with cancer was arduous and his loss deeply felt, his family finds solace in his resilience and enduring spirit. Inspired by his courage, they remember him as a soldier who refused to surrender, even in the face of an insurmountable battle.

In honoring Mac’s memory, the Gary Sinise Foundation continues its mission, uplifted by the indomitable spirit of a young man who taught us all the power of pursuing our passions, regardless of the challenges we face. Mac’s story serves as a reminder to embrace life’s opportunities and leave an enduring legacy of courage and dedication.

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