I have told my cat countless times that he “looks so cute I could just eat him up!” And when he scratches at the oven trying to get in because he can feel the warmth, I jokingly threaten to bake him into a cat-sserole. Obviously, none of us would ever actually take a bite out of our pets, but sometimes, they do end up looking pretty delicious!

Below, you’ll find some adorable photos of animals that have sneakily disguised themselves as foods that

Spiky Muffins

“Brother, What’s Wrong With You?”

Forbidden Salad

I’m a simple woman: the highlights of my day every single day are eating delicious foods and hanging out with my adorable cat. I love cooking and baking, and I spend more time than I’d like to admit watching cooking videos and scrolling through recipes online. There’s always something new I’d like to try! And I’m obsessed with my cat. He’s the cutest little creature I’ve ever seen, and we’re definitely best friends.

So this list combines two of my favorite things, while somehow making these animals appear even more adorable than they were before. The internet loves sharing photos of unappetizing foods or things that look like they could be edible but actually aren’t. But in this case, I’m not even disappointed that I can’t chomp down on these items that appear to be edible, because they’re still precious! At least I can feast upon these cuties with my eyes.

Fluffy Muffin

That can’t be a real cat withna perfect paw print on it’s fur? Surely??

Peachakeet. Almost Ripe Too

Bread Loaf

Vanilla Ice Cream – Size 5 Kg

I”m gonna have to try both to be sure which is which…

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