A Mother Dog’s and Her Puppies’ Happy Ending

Hearing stories of pets being cruelly abandoned and left tethered and defenseless is incredibly upsetting. A mother dog named Angel was discovered tied to a tree in a recent incident, and her sad puppies were abandoned in a box next to her. Fortunately, though, their tale finally has a happy conclusion.

The local park’s administration said that one evening, 1.5-year-old Angel, a mix of German shepherd and Siberian husky, was found chained to a tree. She was left in the box with her seven puppies, with no food or drink. Angel could not keep her lovely tiny ones safe.

The dogs were thankfully located and brought to the nearby shelter. The Dedicated Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) provided much-needed bathing, vaccinations, and medical attention for these animals.

All of the puppies, with the exception of Angel, found their permanent homes one by one. At the shelter, she was still waiting for the ideal family. She was lauded by Animal Services, which called her a “great dog” that is amiable and loving. She used to love to roll over for belly rubs and curl up in your lap to be noticed.

After Angel’s story gained the interest of NBC Los Angeles, Dee Hinshaw-Gratin and her husband had the opportunity to meet her. They fell in love with her right away and realized they were destined to provide this abused mama dog with the loving home she so richly deserves.

Imagine the agony that Angel endured when she and her puppies were chained to a tree and had no way to provide for them. Dee and her husband were tremendously impacted by the tragic circumstances. They decided to adopt Angel in order to give her the forever home she had been longing for because they were determined to make a difference.

The happy ending to this tragic tale was conveyed by the City of Mission Viejo. With a loving family on a large acreage, Angel discovered her forever home and lived a life filled with love. The adopters thought Angel would be their ray of hope because they had sadly lost several family pets in the previous year. Their paths were destined to intersect.

Mission Viejo Animal Services is looking into Angel’s abandonment, but the culprit has not yet been identified. Hopefully, justice is done.

A Warming Finish

What a touching conclusion to this tragic story! The fact that Angel and her puppies have all found devoted homes makes us very happy. It’s a really fantastic result that should be discussed. Share this wonderful news and show love to everyone!

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